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Exciting news! The Mata Dressember team has already reached their fundraising goal of $1,000! Thank you so much to all those who have donated – your support will help fight slavery and human trafficking throughout the world. You can still donate to Mata’s Dressember team through the end of the month, and be part of a movement that has already collectively raised over $400,000 in the first two weeks of December!


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What’s one thing all of us at Mata love? World travel. Most recently you’ve read about how our Communications Director, Jonit Bookheim, visited Greece, and a lot of our employees and interns have been all over the world, from Europe to Asia to South America. But it’s not just our employees and interns who travel. Our products have recently made their way across the globe to contemporary women’s clothing store Marco Visconti in Hong Kong. After meeting the owners of Marco Visconti, a Hong Kong couple, at a trade show, we loved hearing their cute back story of how they met at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Not only is Madison a beautiful city, but it also has plenty of stores that carry Mata!
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What are you planning to wear this holiday season? A few of our employees have already picked a theme for this month: Dresses! Why? Because we’re participating in the annual Dressember event, hosted by the Dressember Foundation, to bring an end to modern day slavery and human trafficking. By committing to wear a dress everyday in December, and encouraging friends and family to donate, our employees will help raise money to assist victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and violence. In 2014, Dressember raised over $465,000, and we’re excited to see how much is raised this year!


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