Getaway-Approved: Our Resort 2019 Jewelry Collection

  • Carly Gerber
  • 01 Feb, 2019

We're so excited to announce the release of our Resort 2019 jewelry collection. Based here in Chicago, we've been daydreaming about escaping the cold (ahem, subzero) temps to warmer climates. This new collection is a reflection of those dreams, transporting us to a vacation state of mind among palm trees and breezy dresses.

3 Looks to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

1. Make a Statement with Bold Design

Voyager Necklace in White, Doric Tassel Earrings in Orange, and Splendid Sun Earrings in Gold

Our new Voyager Necklace is fit for traveling - it's versatile and sure to make a statement. Featuring bold pieces of upcycled bone and a gold-tone brass accent, this necklace pairs easily with any outfit. We especially love it with our Doric Tassel Earrings featuring a pop of vibrant orange to brighten up any outfit! Although, if you love gold things, the Splendid Sun Earrings are splendid, indeed! They'll add warmth to your wardrobe, featuring a hammered brass texture and metal rays.


2. Mix It Up with Metals

If you love metals like we love metals, you will love these next pieces.

Doodle Studs in Gold and Of Two Minds Studs

We have a couple unconventional earrings for the gal who gets a kick out of the quirk in her wardrobe. If that sounds like you, check out our new Of Two Minds Studs or Doodle Studs. They're sure to add some whimsy to your day. 

Abaco Hoop Earrings in Gold, Abaco Hoop Earrings in Silver, and Tiered Sundrop Necklace in Gold

Searching for more of a classic hoop with an edge? Our Abaco Hoop Earrings are calling to you! These beauties will liven up your everyday look. If you like complication, the layered lines of our Tiered Sun Drop Necklace pairs well with the Summit Stack Cuff for a night full of high points.

Triptych Necklace in Gold and Triptych Necklace in Silver

For a more minimalist look, the Triptych Necklace is simple but intriguing!


3. Add Pops of Color

Cozumel Tassel Earrings in Red and Cozumel Tassel Earrings in Blue

Dare to be bold in these irresistible Cozumel Tassel Earrings. The vibrant shades will take your style on a trip to the tropics!

Hammered Oval Necklace in Gold and Jukebox Necklace in Blue

The gold Hammered Oval Necklace or Jukebox necklace will have you playing cool and breezy tunes for an afternoon on the beach.

Linked Hoop Studs, Color Study Necklace in Blue, and Hex and Charm Bracelet in Gold

Try a modern take on retro shapes with the Linked Hoop Studs in multi, or bring in a taste of creativity that's balanced yet bold, with the Color Study necklace.

Flights booked. Itinerary set. Outfits planned. Enjoy these pieces on your travels... or right at home. 

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