About Mata Traders

Our Mission

Mata Traders’ journey in fair trade fashion began in 2007 with a simple question: “Is this fair trade?”

Almost immediately, we were driven to produce responsibly, seeking out partnerships with fair trade organizations that could make ethical production a scalable reality.

Prioritization of worker well-being and respect for handmade artistry had us hooked from the start. Now, that passion has multiplied alongside a growing relationship with our partners and an expanding team in our home city of Chicago.

Fair Trade Federation Member
since 2007

Conventional garment industry standards just don’t cut it. Fair trade is a human-centered system that supports economic and gender equality and continues to put people over profits, a core commitment of ours.

As a proud Fair Trade Federation member, our small business, our small business is proud to celebrate continued growth with our five producer partners, having established communicative and collaborative long term relationships that are at the forefront of our business.

Our Core Company Values

Be Original

Bring your style, your quirks, your ideas, your chutzpah to the table.

Think Globally

We aim to make a worldwide impact on poverty and empower women everywhere. Don’t underestimate what we can accomplish together.

Act Compassionately

We are all connected and we celebrate each other as friends, women, and global citizens.

Live Consciously

Our global citizenship makes us conscious consumers – we’re thoughtful about the things we buy and know that origins and production practices matter.

Relish the Adventure

We bring a spirit of discovery to our everyday. Inspired by our travels and doing what we love, we look forward to the next bend in the road.

Meet Our Team

Christine Kwon Finance Director at Mata Traders Ethical Fashion


Finance Director

A hobby-loving dog owner (Hi, Reggie!), Christine has tried it all - embroidery, woodworking, accordion, you name it.

While her practical side makes numbers a breeze, she says she has an irrational love for zippers that lead to unusable pockets and watches that don’t tell time.

Katie Gavenda Graphic Designer and Community Manager at Mata Traders Ethical Fashion


Digital Brand Manager

With a colorful style and a passion for screen printing and letterpress, Katie wasted no time jazzing up her corner of the office.

Originally from the east coast, she loves sand and saltwater, but spending any amount of time outside is what really keeps her happiness levels up. Comfort is key, and she’s rarely found without her office slippers (and during those chilly Chicago winters, even a blanket).

April Serrano Sales Manager at Mata Traders


Sales Manager

Every day, April brings a zest for life and an attitude of enthusiasm to the office – she’s a real mood booster. Her love of quality products with a purpose won’t come as a surprise, but the facts that she lived in South Korea for six years, or is an avid cosplayer, might be a bit unexpected!


Finance & Operations Specialist

A life-long learner, Nicole knows as much about numbers as she does decadent baked goods - she left the accounting world to study and become a pastry chef before she became a mom!

She wants women globally to feel as empowered in their career choices, and is passionate about supporting fair trade operations. Paris might be her favorite city, but she’s no stranger to the great outdoors away from the urban bustle, and this respect for the environment informs her appreciation for natural materials in her own personal style.


Fulfillment Manager

With all the time he spends outdoors training for marathons, he’d like to convince you he’s not always alfresco. Jacob prefers spending his time organizing, tidying and creating spaces that are more functional for the intended users.

If you are anywhere in his vicinity, you’ll often hear his roaring giggle. He’s a teller of tales – just make sure you have more than 5 minutes to listen to those stories.

Maureen Dunn Founder of Mata Traders Ethical Fashion


Founder + Creative Director

You’d never guess that the founder of Mata studied filmmaking in college (fun fact: she made a documentary about people who freeze-dry their pets posthumously). Maureen displayed a knack for business since her very first lemonade stand, where she mastered the upsell with $.50 twizzler straws.

A fascination with the way people, cultures, and religions work kept her seeing adventure around the world, but these days she loves nothing more than an afternoon at the park with her husband and young son

Ethical Fashion, Made Fair Trade

Our team extends beyond the walls of our Chicago warehouse all the way to India and Nepal, where over 1,000 talented artisans bring our designs from concept to collection.

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