• Katie Gavenda
  • 08 Dec, 2013

We have a great deal this December – free shipping on orders over $50! Awesome!

But wait. You’re at $40, you’ve found everything you need to get. Self-control around the holidays is necessary… right?

Not if you’re going to be paying for shipping, friend! That’d be so close to $50, you’d kick yourself for paying for your pretty, great-deal-of-a-dress to be physically moved from our warehouse to your place. Silliness. We’ve found some good,universally-loved, inexpensive add-ons that’ll just tip you over the edge. You get more for your money and we get to clean out a little. Everyone wins!

1) Arrowhead earrings: $4.99. Good for mom, good for friend, good for coworker. All-around easy.
2) Charleston necklace: $12. Don’t know what to get Auntie Anne (sorry, pretzels on the brain)? The Charleston necklace is a pretty safe bet. It’s just the right middle-of-the-road color, so it’ll go with many things. And hey, if you decide not to give it away, it’s a great $12, last-minute New Year’s Eve necklace.
3) Sunflower earrings: $4.99. Another one of those in the Lots of People Like It category. These actually have a pretty good weight to them, making them look much more substantial than a $5 add-on. We won’t tell.
4) Artifact earrings: $12.99. “Didn’t want to pay for shipping” is a valid excuse to gift things to yourself. (Treat Yoself, amirite?). They come in three colors (black, brown, and red)! No excuses, you’ll wear ’em. A lot.
5) Chevron Fringe earrings: $14.99. If you’re a bit further away from $50, these are the best things to get you there. They’re white and gold (read: will go with anything) andperfect for your friend with an active social life, as they’ll go from day to night in a heartbeat.

There you have it. Happy shopping!

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