• Mata Traders
  • 02 May, 2016

Once upon a time, I was living my biggest fear: becoming a single mom of three kids 7, 9, and 11. I was not prepared for going it alone as a parent, especially as a parent wounded by the quick end of a long relationship that reshuffled my future and severely rocked my sense of self.

Every day I got out of bed, made breakfast for my kids, went to work, and did my best at parenting; I was rebuilding myself and establishing a new family unit. I provided for my now more singular household and built a successful corporate career. I found a fierceness and strength that kept me moving forward. Every day I became happier, guided by a strong values-based compass and some natural optimism.

I totally embraced my “head of household” status and learned to love being the only family decision-maker. I became a better leader at work because I was more comfortable with making tough calls and had learned to tackle problems head on, with authenticity, creativity, and the efficiency of a working mom. The need to provide for and protect my children from any adversity was a powerful motivator. I wanted to give them as normal of a family life as I could, and the only way to do that was for me to power through the challenges and struggles. That is what a mother does, fiercely.

After my business unit was restructured and my position eliminated, I faced the challenge of another reshuffling–that of my career. After 30+ years in a corporate environment, I decided to seek a position that was more aligned with my personal values and gave me an opportunity to make a direct, positive impact in the world. That is why I am so excited to be joining Mata Traders!

In Hindi, the word for mother is ‘mata’ and the name ‘Mata Traders’ was chosen to celebrate the strength and creativity in all of us. Mata Traders is a 9-year-old company whose mission is to fashion a better world by creating clothing and jewelry designs that celebrate a woman’s originality and empower her to use her dollar for change. I am excited to join Mata Traders as Managing Director to accelerate growth and increase the impact for both:

• the women artisans who sew our garments working at cooperatives in India and Nepal that provide a way out of poverty and better futures for their children

• the women consumers who choose ethical fashion

    I celebrate the universal fierceness of our artisans from India and Nepal who make our beautiful clothes and jewelry. I also celebrate the thoughtful consumers who make the choice to spend their dollars on slow, ethical fashion.

    As we approach Mother’s Day let’s recognize and celebrate mothers around the globe who fiercely work to provide a better ‘happily ever after’ for their families. Thank you to all of our customers who use their fashion dollars to support our artisans and the mission of fair trade.

    And thank you to the Mata Traders community that has welcomed me with incredible warmth.

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