A Star is Born (Again)

  • Jonit Mata
  • 26 Jun, 2012

Our little fair trade skirt is breaking away from her humble beginnings and making the rounds at the ABC wardrobe department.  After her show biz debut in ABC’s hit family drama, Pretty Little Liars, our Arbor skirt has starred on the small screen yet again – this time in ABC’s hit family drama, The Middle.  (Turns out that fictional teens shop Mata.)

Here’s the play by play…

Bored with the church they regularly attend, in this scene the Heck family tries out a new church, that of a friend.  Here the family rushes into the church, as not to be late.  This is where we first catch a glimpse of our Arbor skirt on precocious daughter, Sue.  Interesting fashion choice, pairing the skirt with a pastel checked button down and pastel striped sweater vest.

As the family barges into the packed house of worship, they are amazed at the difference between their stuffy church and this singing and dancing one.

The family is completely loving the animated and energized sermon.

The Heck family returns home, animated and energized by the Pastor’s directive to, “Get their business done.”

What a great shot of the Arbor skirt front and center.  She kinda upstages the other 2 actresses and steals the show, doesn’t she?

At this point, Sue Heck takes the Pastor’s words quite literally and decides to open up a babysitting business.

You’ll have to watch the show (Season 3, Episode 20) to find out what happens…

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