• Katie Gavenda
  • 14 Dec, 2013

To be honest, it’s been quite fun seeing what everyone here wants for Christmas. And yeah, time’s ticking, but we’re going to keep posting our wish lists anyway. Because we haven’t had our Secret Santa yet. And someone has Alex, though I don’t know who. The smiley face of the office has a pretty great ethically-minded wish list. Straight from Alex herself, take a look:

Nyota brass necklace from SOKO. $80 – I’ve never seen such a cool statement necklace – It would jazz up any outfit.

Chevron Green clutch from Malia Designs. $35 – Hello chevron print! I’m in love with the colors – plus, I’ve been looking for a clutch for quite some time.

Matisse Garland necklace from Greenola. $62 – I’ve had my eye on this dainty, versatile necklace ever since it came out. I’d wear it with everything.
Coffee from Toby’s Estate. $12.50 – Um, walnut flavored coffee? Yes, please.
Trunk’in Along Macbook case from Della. $38 – This is the laptop case of my dreamz!
There you have it. More wish lists to come!

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