All Bundled Up

All Bundled Up

What to do when your body is telling you "Baby, it’s cold outside" while your heart is still singing "Climb every mountain"? The dilemma we face every winter - whether to be stylish or warm - has a seemingly simple solution: layering. In practice, though, it can be hard to figure out how to best style your look when there are loads of options to top your favorite ethical dress. Never fear, I'm here to guide you through that process with the help of some beautiful photos by photographer Amanda Lee from our Cold-Weather Capsule. 

Who am "I" you ask? My name is Alina, and I'm the marketing team's intern-extraordinaire as well as a warm-blooded California native living in frigid Chicago. I first moved away from the Bay Area because it was too cold. Yes, I understand the irony now; Chicago quickly taught me what being cold actually feels like. I bought my first-ever winter coat (yes, really!) and spent my first year here so bundled up that I forgot to have fun. I've spent the last few years re-learning how to layer while keeping my wardrobe feeling distinctly me. I'm here to share those hard-learned lessons with you.


Belmore dress // Chevron necklace

The Denim Jacket:

Fellow warm-winter state dwellers will know: I am very familiar with the denim jacket. The denim jacket is perfect for the chilly season. For Californians it is also the only thing you really need to wear all winter long (when you're not wearing a raincoat). The denim jacket is a classic American staple that will mix with anything. I use it as the casual neutral in my wardrobe - perfect for mixing with vibrant colors and unique patterns. I love the way it is styled here, combined with the bright goldenrod color of our Belmore dress, and the natural texture of our Chevron necklace in wood. Pro-tip from someone who is always cold at the office: a denim jacket is light enough to fit under your winter coat and makes a smooth transition to keeping you warm inside!



Museo Shift dress // Geo Shapes necklace

The NEW Sweater Vest:

Forget the sweater vest that your prep school friends used to complain about incessantly. This sweater vest will make you fall in love. It is somewhere between boho-chic and modern-maven, and is incredibly easy to wear. On fall days, it is perfect to layer with something interesting but bright. I love the way the Ikat print on our Museo Dress peeks from from inside the vest here. Don't forget to add some bling. We chose our oh-so-cute Geo Shapes necklace here to add some interest. Pro-tip: I love to introduce another layer to this style by letting it hang out the bottom of a shorter peacoat in the winter.


Vintage Pleat dress // Kilim Fringe earrings

The Shawl:

The favorite accessory of your girl-crush that somehow always looks effortlessly stylish. A shawl is perfect for special occasions like winter weddings, or for a brisk outdoor walk with the friend you KNOW is going to post a pic to the 'gram. I love shawls paired with vintage-inspired dresses and unique accessories that look like they were scavenged from some dusty antique shop. For that reason, I'm obsessed with the way this shawl pairs with our aptly-named Vintage Pleat dress and our Kilim Fringe earrings.

Hudson Shirt dress // Country Estate dress // Aurora V-neck dress


Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

I vividly remember the first day I moved to Chicago, mainly because it was one degree outside and that was the first time I realized that one degree is even possible. Still, it took me about a month to accept that gloves were a necessity. (I had been shoving my hands in my pockets.) Now I have a box filled with winter accessories that I merrily bring out every December 1st along with the holiday decorations. They are a girl's true best friend. I love the way the different hues of these tights bring out the different personalities of their respective dresses (from left to right: the Hudson Shirt dress, the Country Estate dress, and the Aurora V-neck dress). Pro-tip: Don't be afraid to experiment with mixing prints and color! Psst: Mata also carries scarves.



Here at Mata Traders we aim to make items that are both easy to wear and that allow you to express your uncommonly vibrant style. Cold weather shouldn't get in the way of that! If you like these photos and want to see more, check out our Cold Weather Collection!