• Jonit Bookheim
  • 05 Sep, 2012

One of the most amazing summer opportunities for American teachers is Teach With Africa.  This non-profit organization places experienced educators in underserved schools in South Africa to both teach and learn.  The org works closely with local partners to support academic programs, sustainability efforts, and social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Teach With Africa Fellows teach classes, provide tutoring in core academic subjects (science, math, and English), and implement student workshops designed to give learners quality time with experienced educators.  In addition to working directly with students, Teach With Africa Fellows partner with school faculty to share best practices on instructional methodology, differentiated learning, critical thinking, lesson planning, assessment practices, technology integration, and curriculum development.

Do you know a teacher who might like to spend a summer teaching in Africa?  Let him/her know Teach With Africa will be requesting applications for 2013 soon.

Teach With Africa is our September Charity of the Month, and a portion of our proceeds will support their work.

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