If you fell behind on your summer reading list, don’t fret! Didn't spend enough time on your creative pursuits this season? No worries!

Fall is the perfect time to get back to the books, whether you're headed to class or not. Grab one of our recommended reads, your ethical backpack and a notebook and hit up a cozy spot to give your mind some me-time.

If you weren’t already excited for this time of year, supporting local, sustainable, and fair trade companies will have you itching to start your season off with a bang.

The Aurora V-neck dress in plum has a classic vintage silhouette with an arrow design and hand stitched details– perfect for a crisp fall day. The Matt & Nat Munich bag in Jam brings out the maroon in the dress (plus, the lining is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles – how cool is that?). Perfect for your writing needs, these Mr. Ellie Pooh one-of-a-kind hardcover notebooks are organic, eco-friendly and feature 100% recycled paper. Pick up a copy of Naked Fashion: The Sustainable Fashion Revolution, which  provides an overview of the most crucial challenges facing the fashion industry and includes solutions to create sustainable change in the industry.

A look meant to be looked at, the Belmore dress in goldenrod is a vibrant fall staple. The pop of yellow in this oversized plaid goes great with the Autumn foliage. Pair with Serrv's Black City Backpack for chic urban style and break open Overdressed: Shockingly High Cheap Fashion. The fair trade organization that makes this backpack is dedicated to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and their families out of poverty. Overdressed assesses the true costs of low priced clothing while tracing the author's own metamorphosis into a thorough and thoughtful shopper. Feel free to jot down notes or doodle in a CAUSEGEAR leather journal, designed in our hometown of Chicago and produced in India. The crafter's name and photo is even displayed on the first page!

It’s almost time to transition to longer sleeves and this jersey dress is just the thing! With a flattering fit and a flounce for days, the indigo Knit Flounce dress is comfy to the MAX. Just add your roomy but compact ethical backpack like this Baggu drawstring backpack (in indigo to pull out the print in this dress)! After class, cozy up with some extracurricular reading like MAGNIFECO, a guide that examines non-toxic beauty and ethical fashion. Take notes about author Kate Black's recommendations in this refillable journal from Fair Trade Winds. It comes with 72 pages of 100% tree-free paper made from recycled cotton rags.