Isn’t it hard to believe that we design these prints almost a year and a half before they hit the shelves? It’s especially difficult for us to think about the beautiful spring and summer weather when we’re experiencing the frozen mess that is a Chicago winter. Dreaming about warmer weather thawed my brain last winter, and I started to get excited about all the berries I would pick and eat once summer time rolls around! Thus began the inspiration for this print:

Did you know that the fabulous Nora Howe (mother of Mata’s founder, Maureen) is an amazing illustrator? Some of Nora’s sketches have been featured in past prints like this and this. She brought us lots of wonderful sketches of flowers, leaves, and fruit, and I instantly grabbed all the berry illustrations and began piecing them together.

Once we had the initial pattern down, the next step was figuring out color. Originally we tried a true-to-life color palette with red, blue, and pink berries with green leaves, but it looked too crazy. We sorted through many different options until we finally honed in on the vintage vibe we’re looking for. Light blue with a pop of pale orange works beautifully with the berry pattern!

The best part was pairing the fabric with the Afternoon Allure dress and the Stole My Heart dress. Both silhouettes have vintage flair with just the right amount of contemporary twist.

These are the perfect dresses for lovely summertime picnics and weddings, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to stroll through your local botanical gardens or shop a farmers market near you!