• Mata Traders
  • 18 May, 2014


If there were ever a true cocktail dress, this is it, it, and it!  The First Dance Dress, the Starling Pocket Dress, and ModCloth’s exclusive Toast to Coast dress.

The retro cocktail print was actually a collaboration between me and two interns, Ji Eun Park and Louise Jacobi. We each illustrated a few bottles and glasses and then combined them all to create this snazzy pattern. To make this print any more literal, the 3 of us would have to have been drawing over drinks!

This print is an example of how collaborating is a wonderful thing. While I have my own style and ideas, it is really great to work with others and break out of my comfort zone. Writing about this pattern makes me itch to collaborate again.

So, if you’re in the market for the ultimate cocktail dress to wear to your next party, act fast because these dresses are priced to move – they’re all under $40!!!

Stay tuned for more Behind the Design posts.

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