Get ready…

Our Fall ’12 collection is due to launch in stores mid-July and online early-August.  We shot the catalog back in the first week in April, on a brisk day, traipsing the streets and alleys of Chicago.  Now it’s 100 degrees here today, but perhaps a behind the scenes look at the Fall ’12 photo shoot will take you, at least momentarily, to a cooler place.

We started early in the morning with bagels and coffee and every accessory from our own closets.  We brought in belts, hats, shoes, and wraps to complete our Mata looks.  Then Michelle and our fashion design intern, Justine, got to work styling each piece.

Hmmmm… which look is best for the Arts and Crafts skirt?

Justine's got the styling under control.

In the meantime, our inventory manager, Bree, who, by the way, has a license in cosmetology, got to work doing the hair and makeup of former Mata intern and current Mata model, Mallika.

With the styling complete and hair and makeup ready, we set off on a mission: to find cool backdrops.  Here’s an abandoned building, very cool.  Mallika, please give me your coat. Anyone who says modeling is easy never shot outdoors in a chill Chicago spring.

Did we get the shot?

How about some garage doors:

Then, to our great luck, we happened upon a flatbed truck with a friendly driver.

Here are some more truck shots.

Did I mention the friendly driver?

Check out the interestingly shaped bricks at this business.  We must shoot in front of them!

Thank you to the, coincidentally, Indian doctor at the Foster Medical Center for letting us shoot in front of his building and do wardrobe changes in his parking lot.

Who are those girls with the fancy cameras?  That’s Taylor, our art director who does all of our product photography and graphic design, and aforementioned Bree, who also has a thing for photography and a kick-ass camera.

Finally, we break for lunch.  Taste of Lebanon tastes so good and looks kinda cool, too. Might as well snap a few shots.

Bet you were wondering how the Arts and Crafts skirt ended up getting styled.  Here you go.

Now back to the office for the fun part… bike pics!

Special thanks to Michelle for loaning her only-slightly-too-big shoes, especially those cute little red ones.  More special thanks to Jennifer Gootman, who took Michelle to Shoegasm in NYC where she found those cute little red ones.

You can check out the finished product here, Mata’s Fall 2012 catalog.