The Moonrise dress must be a blogger fave because Hannah from Lifestyle Justice is styling it, too.  She has been a long-time Mata fan and promotes lots of fair trade on her blog – everything from food to her wedding (where her bridesmaids wore our Colaba bracelet and Palaise earrings).

If you’re looking for something to brighten your dreary winter day, this is the dress.  Or as Hannah puts it, “It’s like wearing a piece of the sky.”

‘Tis the season to be festive, so Hannah adds some holiday cheer with red tights – a striking contrast to the blue dress.  Paired with a leather jacket and cute floral sash, you have a perfect party outfit.

Hannah’s from Minnesota, so she knows how to layer, wearing a faux fur scarf and fingerless gloves from Breaking Free Boutique, a company that supports survivors of sex trafficking, and tall boots with knee socks peeking out.

Don’t wear white after Labor Day?  Nah!  Hannah’s look is just right for a winter wonderland if you ask me, and I adore the tan tasseled loafers.  She also adds our Summer’s End necklace to the ensamble, which I think brings a little more depth to the green-blue color scheme.

You can find Hannah’s original post as well as some others about fair trade and ethical companies over on her blog.

Thanks for reading! A few more blogger style posts are on the way.