As the temps are finally creeping up here in Chicago, I’m enjoying the warm breeze with hints of spring blossoms. We’ve got some great bloggers ready to style our Spring ’14 collection, and first up is fair trade fashionista Brandi, who brings her spring as she remixes the Maybe Me Top with items found in anyone’s wardrobe. A sensible coordinator, she’s got a stylish and a simple way to warm up from the hibernation of winter fashion.

In Brandi’s words, this bright red peplum “adds that little bit of va-va-voom to any mom-drobe.”

Brandi’s loving the peplum’s fit cause, hey ladies, “it helps cover the infamous muffin-top.” I’m loving how she highlights her neckline by tying the straps up in variety of ways. Matched with wide-leg khaki pants and a tailored gray blazer, it’s an anyday look for a working professional. Her fair trade patterned clutch brings in one more pop of funky (not to be outdone by the peplum’s geometric print!).

For goodness’ sake, break out of the routine! The dynamic print is jazzy itself, so keep accessories simple, like Brandi’s lovely loom embroidery bracelet. Don’t fear contrast – roll up your bright sky blue jeans to show off those strappy red Sseko sandals – it’s a happy day!

And that’s how the peplum is done! Thanks Brandi, you’ve inspired our business casual and weekend wear looks. She’s got a few other peplum looks over at her original blog post here.

But remember, this is not the only Maybe Me top in Mata’s collection. It comes in yellow!

Thanks for reading! Stayed tuned for more Blogger Style posts to come!