We’re happy to continue our ‘Blogger Style’ series with Amber from Un Petit Fauve.  She’s one of our favorite bloggers, not just because she likes to style Mata, but also because her blog intersperses her love of vintage fashion with her own original poetry.

Amber is from the Bay Area, a beautiful backdrop for our Moonrise dress in the lovely color of chartreuse.

The floral print on the dress is applied by hand.  The design is carved into a block of wood, dipped in dye (or in this case a resist of clay/mud/sap), and then stamped on the fabric by a very precise block printer.  Learn more about our block printers and how the technique works.

Another cool handmade element of the dress is the red embroidery at the collar and hem and the blue applique stripes at the waist and hem.  That intricate work is done by women in their own homes, although quite often the women get together to stitch in one woman’s home or in a community space like a temple patio.

Amber is also wearing our darling Darling Doily necklace, made by artisans at our amazing jewelry partner organization.

Want to see what the Moonrise dress would look like paired with knee-high socks and a cable-knit sweater?  I think you said yes.  Then head over to Amber’s original post for further fall styling.

Thanks for reading! Stayed tuned for more Blogger Style posts to come!