• Mata Traders
  • 12 May, 2014

We have some news!

Our beloved Inventory Manager and all around fun magnet, Bree, is moving on to bigger and better things. After starting as an intern and working her way up to managing the hectic day-to-day shipments and phone calls and so much more, AND keeping a happy face while doing so, she’s decided to move back to her hometown and help her grandparents out with the family business. Any of you who have ever spoken with Bree know what a hard worker she is and what a great asset she has been to Mata.

After three years, it will be very weird to be in the office without Bree’s bubbly energy and awesome attitude. We thank her for all of the great work she’s done here, will remember the fun times, and wish her the absolute best on this next step in her career. We can’t even say it enough – we will miss her so, so much.

As for who will be taking over her position… drumroll please….

That’s right, it’s Alex! The model you know and love has been with us for a year and a half, beginning as an intern and becoming a part of the family ever since. We obviously love her modeling skills, but appreciate her even more for everything she does around here. She makes calls, she packs orders, she tweets, she pins, she handles fests, the list goes on. She’s been the go-to gal for a while, and we’re psyched to have her full-time on the team.

As this is Bree’s last week, the transition has begun! Anything you would normally contact Bree about, email/call/ask for Alex instead.

Join us as we wish Bree all the best, and welcome Alex to the Mata family!

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