Chicago is a Fair Trade City!!

Chicago is a Fair Trade City!!

Chicago celebrated World Fair Trade Day with an exciting announcement.  After a 2-year campaign of outreach to residents and businesses, Chicago was declared a Fair Trade City!  That means that Chicago reached the five goals of Fair Trade Towns USA, which are:

  1. Formation of a local fair trade steering group
  2. A city council resolution (passed February 2010) READ THE RESOLUTION
  3. Media attention
  4. 300 fair trade outlets:  Retail stores or restaurants making fair trade products available RETAIL LIST
  5. 260 fair trade institutions:  Work places, schools, faith based institutions, and community organizations serving and promoting fair trade. INSTITUTIONS LIST

Chicago is the largest fair trade city in the U.S. and the 2nd largest in the world (after London).  On a national level, there are 22 fair trade cities and towns, and there are almost 1000 globally (across 18 countries).

Want to find fair trade coffee and tea options for your institution, school or office?  Make the Switch!  See list of FT Coffee/Tea Options

Here are a few pics by Ervin Lopez from the World Fair Trade Day festivities in Chicago’s Daley Plaza…


Mata's booth looking busy

Holly from Fair Earth


5 Accessories