You might have noticed (here and here) that we have a thing for Project Runway.  The truth is that we have a thing for reality TV in general (Survivor, Amazing Race, Design Star, and yes, even the Bachelor/ette), but we really, really love Project Runway.

And, you might have noticed (here and here) that we get pretty excited when our products appear on TV.

So, in what is really a crossroads of excitement for us, not one but two pairs of our earrings made it onto this season of Project Runway All Stars.  Not on a model, but on a designer. Wendy Pepper showed up to the first day of the competition wearing our Diamond Earrings.

She was known as a villain in her first season ten years ago, so she was a little apprehensive about joining the group.

But, this time around she was warm and friendly and fit right in.

She even won over fiesty Joshua.

Wendy made it safely through the first challenge, but who ended up getting cut?  It was none other than Peach, who, coincidentally, Maureen had the pleasure of having lunch with recently.  This is sort of random, but Maureen’s aunt somehow met Peach and invited Maureen to eat with them at the she-she Ralph Lauren Restaurant, the place to see and be seen.

Wendy and Peach in episode 1
Peach and Maureen

As we tuned in to Project Runway All Stars the next week, imagine our surprise again when Wendy was wearing another pair of our earrings during episode two.  This time it was the Cleopatra earrings.

Was she going to be wearing a different pair of Mata earrings each episode, we wondered. We’ll never know because she was eliminated from the competition that week.  Good luck to all the remaining designers!

So, what’s Wendy Pepper up to now you ask?  She opened her own showroom in Middleburg, Virginia.  Here are some shots of her showroom and designs.

Wendy, thanks so much for your support of Mata and fair trade!!