Ethical Gifts for Galentine's Day

ethical gifts for galentine's day

Leslie Knope lovers, unite! After a trying year, we couldn't be more excited to ignore Valentine's Day and find some ethical gifts perfect for fueling your friendfire this Galentine's Day.

Galentine's Day Gifts for Friends

This Saturday, February 13th, the day before your feeds are filled with red, pink, hearts, and kissing pics, let's celebrate the real backbone of our existence: our friends. Galentine's Day might seem like Parks and Recreation made up a holiday, but who cares? Friends have been behind us for those tough decisions and beside us for the fun ones, so it's time to show them some love with simple, ethical, and creative gifts. 

This year is all about taking care of yourselves and staying connected to the important people in your lives. It can be challenging, but whether you're an Ann or a Leslie, we know some of these great gift ideas will do just the trick. 

galentine's day gift - eye pillow from elyra textiles

Eye Pillow from Elytra Textiles

An eye pillow is a perfect (and versatile) gift for melting away the stress of last year (we're all still washing off 2020, right?) Made from cotton scraps and fabric project leftovers, these eye pillows will soothe your mind in more ways than one. Choose from dried lavender or peppermint and chill it or heat it up to wind down or wake up! The choice is yours.

galentine's day gift - graphic threads earrings rose

Graphic Threads Earrings from Mata Traders 

Everyone's go-to earring? Something that's equal parts "everyday" and "elegant." These earrings mix bold brass with delicate rose thread, and have a sweet and simple style.

Chocolate from Divine Chocolate

Speaking of something sweet, Divine Chocolate's lineup of chocolate has an impressive variety of flavors (pink himalayan salt? Yes, please). Divine's co-op farmer partners own almost half of the business, so your support goes a long way.


Book from Semicolon Bookstore

Spend some time getting lost in a story. Shop local from wherever you live, and support Chicago's only Black woman-owned bookstore. They're deeply invested in their local community, especially through their nonprofit Paren(t)hesis, donating thousands of books to Chicago Public Schools.

galentine's day gift - copper cow coffee and tea

Copper Cow Pourover Coffee (Churro Latte or Ginger Latte) or Chai Spiced Tea

Make a morning a little more special with a beverage that goes above and beyond. Better than flavored creamer and less expensive than a coffee shop, Copper Cow makes you an instant barista. Drink up! 

Seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Co.

It's the time of year for gardeners everywhere to start getting their seeds together, and Hudson Valley Seed Co makes it a little more special. The commissioned artwork covering their seed packets spices up this at-home hobby, making these a perfect gift for anyone - practical and beautiful!

Plus, if they need other gardening tools like pruning shears, gloves, floral wire, or even a planter. we've got you covered. 

ethical gifts for galentine's day - thais tiered dress in tapestry

Thais Tiered Dress in Tapestry from Mata Traders (sizes XS-XL, sizes 1x-2X)

A roomy silhouette is easy to gift, and this print is universally loved. Plus, the hidden pockets are big enough to hold those Divine Chocolate bars you're carrying around. 

Slippers from Chilote Shoeslink

Artisan made in Patagonia, these chunky slippers will keep toes cozy all season. Bonus: each pair comes with a repair kit to extend the life of your new favorite footwear. 

Movie Night Gift Set from Los Poblanos 

You won't believe how fast this fancy popcorn will blow your taste buds away. Crimson Popping Corn topped with Lavender Honey, Chimayó Salt, and Oaxacan Salt step up a standard date night in front of Netflix. Full transparency: this was our staff holiday gift, and we're all SOLD on it.


Don't want to add more STUFF to the world?

Send a letter.

It's more than the thought that counts in the case of a letter. Words of appreciation, fun memories of in-person hangouts of the distant past, or even just a quick hello in your own handwriting, don't cost more than five minutes and a postage stamp and go such a long way in developing a friendship that may have changed a bit during the pandemic. 

Send cookies.

If you send homemade cookies, you're the winner of everything. Who wouldn't appreciate stocking up on some sweet afternoon snacks without having to lift a finger? You automatically get the title of Friend of the Century. Alternate option: send sourdough. We know you've been practicing.

Send flowers.

For a pal who's missing the outdoors this winter, or a buddy that needs some color in their life, why not send flowers from afar? We're not talking about dropping $100 on an arrangement, either. Try TaskRabbit to arrange a quick pickup of a grocery store flower bunch. Trust us, no one is disappointed in some florals to freshen up their space.

Create a 'my favorite recipes' collection.

Cooking at home is a big part of daily pandemic life, and you've probably already swapped your favorites from Instagram kitchen heroes like Half Baked Harvest or Grilled Cheese Social. Why not compile your new go-tos into a doc and send around? Bonus points if you can collaborate with your friend group and make it a communal Galentine's Day gift. Your own photos appreciated, but not necessary. 


Make Plans

Galentine's movie or TV night!

Use Teleparty, Amazon Watch Party, Hulu Watch Party, or just a good old fashioned Press the Play Button At the Same Time, and cuddle up with buddies to laugh, cry, or chat your way through an old favorite or something new. 


Order out from your favorite brunch place, bring it home, and hang in PJs on Zoom together. Bust out the bubbly and OJ if that's your thing! Restaurant quality french toast + friends lounging around = a Saturday morning well spent. 

Book Club.

Make it a kickoff for your group's next book, or just chat about what novels have been on your nightstand lately - your friends are likely to have some good suggestions for you! The best part? It's easy. Library books are FREE, library e-books are free and convenient, or if you crave a new page turner un touched by human hands, you can always order up from the aforementioned bookstore (see above). 



Celebrate your friendships this Galentine's Day with any of these ethical gifts, and show your best buds some love.