We have a debate around here at Mata: fall – the beginning of our favorite season, or the end of it? We are of two minds: though we revel in the sunshine and warmth that summer brings, we always look forward to a season full of cozy sweaters, crunchy leaves, and crisp apples just waiting to be picked. Not to mention, each season brings a whole new batch of bright, fair-trade Mata goodies to explore.

Here are a few sets from our fall jewelry collection that satisfy each side of the aisle. Whether you are someone who sees fall as a slow sunset on summer, or as an opportunity to unbox all those coats you woefully stored away, you’ll find the perfect match in here.

Sunset on Summer

Those of us who struggle to transition to fall often dream of traveling to the landscape of the mythical wild-west; perpetually warm, adventuresome, and wild. The desert, like the changing fall leaves, seems to be trapped in a pretty palette of the sunset. If only we could be stuck in sunshine! Our Sunset on Summer set was inspired by those western hues: deep orange-y reds, bright golds, warm browns, and hints of cream.


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We love these photographs, many of which are by Stella Marie Baer, an awesome female artist stationed in Santa Fe. If you do too, this set is for you:


We may have been dreaming of cow-hands when coming up with this set but don’t worry, it can still translate from wrangler to wow with a little outfit change. Wear this with denim and a button-up top to get that western feel. Wear with a flattering dress for an event or for work!

  1. Graphic Threads earrings
  2. Basilico necklace
  3. Echo Cuff


Sabertooth Forever

Are you someone who lives for tropical heat, bright colors, cool water, palms, fronds, and pineapple? Don’t fret if fall seems to take you far away from the boho girl that wants to break free. One of the best things about this season is bringing all those bright oranges, blues, greens, and gold indoors. Many of these photos were plucked from interior designer, Justina Blakeney aka The Jungalow (aka inventor of the #plantsonpink hashtag), whose sunny disposition shines through no matter what the weather is like outside.


Image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

If you’re inspired by these images check out this Sabertooth Forever set:


With the Sabertooth set, let your earrings make the statement; the cuff and necklace simply back it up. It may not be sweltering outside but you don’t care. You’ve got a bright boho feeling wherever you are. Click below to learn more about each of these pieces:

  1. Jungle Jam earrings
  2. Nadira necklace
  3. Coil cuff


Get Graphic

You’re the girl who can’t wait for fall. Every summer all that your friends want to do is grill and go to the beach. Come your favorite time of year, people are more apt to agree to go on all the sophisticated indoor adventures you’ve been planning for months. Our Get Graphic set is for the woman that is itching for all the gallery openings, modern art museums, open houses, and dinner parties you missed while it was warm outside.


Image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Though our necklace is named after a classic modernist painter, our inspiration is a bit more contemporary. Daniel Buren is a modern minimalist that plays with light, shape and vibrant color. Color factory was all the rage over the summer but is extending into the fall, woohoo! If you like these images, our Get Graphic set will knock your socks off:

Our Get Graphic set relies on pops of color for that graphic, fun feel. We can see this pairing with warm shades to bring out the details – the orange and gold with out being too matchy-matchy. Of course, you’re the planner and the artist so you probably know exactly where to go with these pieces.

  1. Hadley Studs
  2. Mondrian necklace
  3. Tri Moon cuff


Shades of Silver

Finally, we can’t talk about transitions and fall without mentioning the season that happens after. You know the one: full of snow, eggnog, and cheer? You may have noticed we’ve been sneaking some pieces from our holiday collection into these sets. We can’t help but give you a taste of what’s ahead:

Image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Imagine the hours after the first snowfall: the world is covered in white and silence. From bustling cities to small country sides, each location becomes the same. Our inspiration comes from this sameness that is created by snow. Black and white photos allow very different subjects to go nicely together. See how our shades of silver use the same technique below:

Our Shades of silver set is tone on tone, which allows us to play with a couple of other design elements – shape and texture. If that terminology seems foreign, imagine water and all the different forms it takes. Summer, rolling waves at the beach, fall, the boiling kettle, and winter, the first snow flakes. This set contains all three. Click through the links below to learn more:

  1. Moroccan Dreams earrings
  2. Venetian necklace
  3. Cohesion cuff


Our fall jewelry collection doesn’t end there. If you liked our sets, click here to see the rest of what we have to offer. Please comment below and tell us what combos of Mata Jewelry you’ve put together at home!