Festival Fashion

Festival Fashion
Going to any festivals this summer?  You can count on Mata to have some of your must-have festival looks.
Mata Traders got its start in festival booths!   So, being the veterans that they are,
Mata doesn’t disappoint when looking for festival gear (made from 100% cotton so you can breathe!).
Here are my top 3 looks:
The ‘Adobe Diamonds Dress‘ is great with scuffed up cowboy boots, a scarf, Mata’s ‘Chain Loop Earrings‘ and ‘Pharaoh Cuff‘.
I. Love. Jumpsuits.  The ‘Juniper Jumper‘ is a piece of cake with black sandals and a great big-buckle belt.  Don’t forget the ‘Metallic Fringe Earrings‘, eco-friendly shades, and your sleek ponytail!
(belt/plumberryvintage, coin purse, sunglasses/Stella McCartney, sandals/Reef)
Can’t you see yourself floating around in the ‘Talullah Dress‘?  Some woven accessories in soft white go nicely with the pops of red in the dress.  And why not put a flower crown in your hair?  When in Rome!
(Bastille Bracelet, Leaf Cuff, espadrilles/awesometownvintage, Arrowhead Necklace, bag/Stella McCartney)
Happy festival season!