Find Your Zodiac Sign Dress

find the dress for your zodiac sign

We doubt anyone’s horoscope could have foreseen what 2020 had in store for us, right? In an effort to invest in self-care this year, many are turning to their astrological signs for guidance. What better way to address the curveballs of 2020 than to try to maintain a clear vision, stay hydrated, and align with your purpose? However this year goes for you, keep in line with your Zodiac sign by finding your perfect summer Mata Traders dress. 

Pair Your Zodiac Sign With A Dress

Fire Signs 

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are passionate, dynamic folks fueled by a drive for success. 

aries zodiac sign dress

Aries // Chilmark Dress Gold

A confident and cheerful leader like yourself deserves a shiny gold star for the passionate determination you pour into your work. With no unnecessary details to distract you from your mission, our Chilmark Dress in Gold is the perfect dress for your meteoric rise to the top. 

leo zodiac sign dress

Leo // Dotted Trim Dress Coral

Every eye will be on you in our Dotted Trim Dress in Coral - just the way you like it. A bold and vibrant print matched with a breezy silhouette is the perfect complement to your passionate and enthusiastic personality. 

sagittarius zodiac sign dress

Sagittarius // Delilah Dress Voyager Pink

Unleash your inner adventurer in the Delilah Dress in Voyager Pink. You’ll be ready to set off for the exotic location of your choice at a moment’s notice and pick up a few like-minded friends along the way.

Air Signs

Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra bring a breath of fresh air any time they show up. Feed your inner free spirit with a dress that’s as breezy and up-for-anything as you are.

aquarius zodiac sign dress

Aquarius // Nashville Dress Pearl

Blaze your own unique trail in our beautiful Nashville Dress in Pearl. A classic shape with standout print makes this beauty one of a kind and a perfect fit for your intellectually curious, open-minded nature. 

cora reversible dress for the gemini zodiac sign

Gemini // Cora Reversible Dress Sky Stripe

Show off your quick-witted intelligence and multi-faceted personality in our Cora Reversible Dress in Sky Stripe. The button detailing and versatile styling options will be right in step with any direction your impulsive nature takes you. 

monterey dress for the libra zodiac sign

Libra // Monterey Dress Navy Palms

Your love of balance is perfectly complemented in this classic shirtdress with a fitted top and flared skirt. The bold print of the Monterey Dress in Navy Palms shows off your charming, intellectual side, and will see you maintaining balance all season long. 

Earth Signs 

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the steadfast, practical, thoughtful folks of the zodiac. Bringing steadiness, they always start by building a strong foundation. 

artsy traveler dress for the taurus zodiac sign

Taurus // Artsy Traveler Dress Black Dots

Between your practical level-headedness and your innate bodily attunement, feeling comfortable yet chic in your clothes is a must. Our Artsy Traveler Dress checks all those boxes and then some. Pair with bright flats to add a burst of spring color. 

 lucille dress for the virgo zodiac sign

Virgo // Lucille Dress Navy

You have built a successful life and career for yourself through dedicated hard work - our Lucille Dress will take you from boardroom to brunch without breaking a sweat. 

soho shirtdress for the zodiac sign capricorn

Capricorn // Soho Shirtdress Multi Stitch

Soho Shirtdress. Your straightforward, no-nonsense manner combined with your resourcefulness make our Soho Shirtdress the perfect dress for you. A practical and chic silhouette with an optional waist tie keeps you fully in control of your day. 

Water Signs

Sensitive and intuitive, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces bring depth and mystery to our lives. They are charming and mysterious, with an incredible adaptability. 

ruffled midi dress

Cancer // Ruffled Midi Dress Black Paisley

Sensitive, emotional, and deeply intuitive, Cancers are the emotional powerhouses of the zodiac. Our Ruffled Midi Dress shows off your ethereal side with delicate flutter sleeves and ruffled hemline.

delilah dress for scorpio astrology sign

Scorpio // Delia Wrap Dress Rose

You like to be in charge and self-reliant, and our Delia Wrap Dress in Rose fits that bold personality! Comfortable yet stylish, you’ll be free to set your sights on world domination. 

theodora maxi dress for the pisces zodiac sign

Pisces // Theodora Maxi Dress Imperial Blue

Your easy going, amiable attitude is perfectly reflected in our Theodora Maxi Dress with it’s gathered skirt and smocked bodice. This dress is a total crowd pleaser, just like you!

Your zodiac sign is a stable reminder of your strengths and weaknesses. Finding direction in a confusing year is made a little easier by dressing for your sign!