Focus Group Fun

Focus Group Fun

It’s early November… time to place orders with our producer groups for Spring/Summer 2011.  To help us determine what to order, we hosted a focus group on Friday, November 5th at our office/warehouse space.  The samples we worked on in India this summer were on display, and our focus group participants completed surveys rating each item’s style and color variations.

Charity Atteberry Hamman checking out the new Ruffle Jacket

Jennifer Thorton and Nicole Finzer peruse necklace samples

It wasn’t all business, of course.  Wine and hor d’oeuvres, deliciously provided by Maureen’s mom, Nora Howe, set the social tone.  It was a lovely evening, and we’d like to thank all the participants who came out to provide us with their valuable input.


Katherine Bissell, Laura Mobley, and Andrea Newman from Greenheart

Anna Mueller, Maggie Dziubek, Nicole Santiago, and Jen Moran from Greenola