The first half of our Fall collection has arrived, which includes the full and flouncy Applique Plume skirt.  It’s a great skirt for a girl on the go; pair it with a bright blouse as you dash out the door.

This skirt was sewn at one of the women’s cooperatives we partner with in India.  It also has an extra special touch:  intricate hand stitch at the hem.

The hand stitching found on many of our clothing and accessory pieces is done in the homes of rural women organized by the cooperative we work with in Rajasthan.  They require that every piece we design for them have some element of hand stitching.  This program provides a vital source of income to women living in areas without a lot of economic opportunity and prevents the need to migrate to overcrowded cities to find work. The women stitch on their own time and are still able to look after their children and households.

The drawing above is an example of the hand stitch instructions we send them.  The word tanka you see is a kind of embroidery that uses a running stitch, and applique is applying one fabric on another.

Here’s how the skirt turned out.


Check out a close up of the exquisite hand-stitched detail.  As you can see, it’s a time intensive process with a lot of care involved, and we hope you find it as special as we do!