Simply put, grandmas are the best.

They’re the first ladies who care about you that aren’t your mom. They give you all the good stuff, let you do what you want, and when you get older you often realize they did it all with style. You dig through photos and find a stylish, fresh-faced lady who looks vaguely familiar, and hey– Grandma, that’s you!

She knew casual chic, she rocked trends, she didn’t go to a dinner party without the perfect dress, and even on Christmas morning she somehow looked put together. It was a time of curlers, lipstick, and a great purse, and your grandma was a fashionista, whatever her style.

Our fall collection was inspired by grandmothers– in fact, we shot the catalog in Jonit’s apartment, surrounded by her late grandmother Harriet’s possessions. After compiling photos of Mata grandmas for the catalog, we realized how fascinating it is to see what the lovely ladies looked like in their heyday, and now we want to see your photos!

As a nostalgic countdown to Fair Trade Month, we’re excited to launch the Gorgeous Grandma Contest on Facebook, starting today. There are a couple ways to enter:

1) Email your photo with the subject “Gorgeous Grandma” to katie -at-
2) Post a photo of your grandma on our Facebook page.

We will move the photos in this album on Facebook. The winner, who will receive a prize, is the person whose photo in that album earns the most likes! The sooner your photo is up, the more time you have to get likes!

The last day to enter and vote is September 30th, the day before Fair Trade Month begins!