We were pretty psyched when the cool, cute, and passionate-about-social-justice Hannah contacted us about her fair trade wedding. We love weddings! We love being a part of weddings, especially. And we seriously love DIY-ers. I’m not sure we’ve heard about anyone modifying our jewelry yet, but hey, do whatever you like. It’s your wedding day.

Mixed-style bridesmaid dresses in one color: always a hit.

She picked out gold colaba bracelets and palais earrings to go with her coral bridesmaid dresses!

shortened palais earrings

Our palais earrings are normally very long and dangly, which wasn’t going to work for Hannah’s sweet little sister. So get this- rather than search and search for the perfect pair, she decided to just take what she already liked and shorten some chains to make it work! We support a take-charge attitude, and Hannah’s got it in spades.

As Hannah says in one of her posts about the wedding, it’s the little details that make the day, and we’re honored to be even a couple of those little details!

Be sure to check out her blog, Lifestyle Justice, and take a look at her post about little ole us.