It's that time of year again: beach season! But just because your mind might be on summer vacation, doesn't mean your ethical shopping habits have to be! Support local, sustainable, and fair trade companies when you hit the beach this year.

Don't know where to look? We put together a few ensembles to help you get started. If you weren't already excited for some fun in the sun, these sets will make you want to head out and soak up some rays ASAP. Learn more about the companies mentioned here at the end of the post.

A look made for lounging poolside. Show off this adorable one-piece by Underprotection with a Kayu statement tote while burying your nose in a copy of The Responsible Company, a page-turner about the first 40 years of Patagonia. If you do get the urge to dip your toes in the water, dry off with a handwoven cotton towel by Kara Weaves. Add a splash of color to the otherwise muted outfit with our Madrona dress in red!

A little bit of indigo goes a long way. This handmade cotton towel by Woven Promises, floral bikini by Underprotection (here & here), and tote by Kayu compliment our Tisbury dress perfectly!  When you're done splashing in the waves, flip through The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black, your guide to learn more about the environmental and social impact of the fast fashion industry.

Made of 95% fair trade organic cotton jersey and 5% spandex, our Summer Sonnet dress in cobalt will be a beach cover-up that won't restrict you in the slightest. Pair with this bikini by Underprotection (here & here) and bag by Mar Y Sol for a look that will be perfect for beach volleyball, strolls on the boardwalk, and everything in between. When you're ready to relax, lie back on this Woven Promises whimsical rainbow beach towel and flip open Wear No Evil by Greta Eagan, a book that will help you take back your purchasing power as a consumer.

Let out your inner mermaid out in this Underprotection one-piece. Add to the feminine flair with our Oxford Pocket Dress in pink, this Mexican serape blanket by Camaxtl, and a striped tassel tote by Mar Y Sol. To Die For, an expose on the fashion industry written by Lucy Siegle, ethical living columnist for The Observer, adds the finishing touch to an afternoon in the sand.

About the Brands

Underprotection is a Danish company whose mission it is to show the world that being sustainable doesn't mean you have to be any less fashionable. Their production is certified with Fair Wear Foundation, an independent and non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the fair treatment of garment workers, and all of their swimwear is made using recycled polyester.

Woven Promises is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and is dedicated to improving the lives of economically struggling artisans in Ethiopia through the fair purchase and resale of their products. The artisans they work with honor age-old techniques, weaving, spinning, and dying all of their products by hand.

Kara Weaves works with weaving co-operatives in Kerala, India to design and produce contemporary textiles using ancient fabrics and traditional wooden looms. In 2013, Kara Weaves became a member of the Fair Trade Forum of India.

Camaxtl is made up of 13 artisans working in San Bernardino Contla in Tlaxcala, Mexico. All of the designs come out of community of Saltillo and the serapes are woven using traditional methods, allowing the artisans to make a living while preserving their cultural heritage.

Mar Y Sol artisans use organically tanned leathers and ethically sourced raw materials that not only honor tradition but protect the environment. Mar Y Sol products are handmade in Madagascar and feature creative designs and exquisite craftsmanship.

Kayu is passionate about providing every woman with the ability to make a living for herself through the production of time-honored crafts. Kayu uses locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials to ensure that their production method has a positive impact on the environment, as well as their artisans.

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