Holiday Gift Guide: For The Chicago Native & Those Making A New Home

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Chicago Native & Those Making A New Home

Mata team wish lists will be posted on the blog for the next few weeks, and we have tons of ethical products we just can’t live without this holiday season! Next up is our Operations team.

They work their tails off and are proud of where they come from, whether it’s another country or our lovely city of Chicago. From the Mata people who work most with their hands – packing your orders, working with customers, and organizing the heck out of a very busy warehouse – comes a list heavy on handmade items.



Stela9 – Cross Cultural Denim Jacket

“I’m so in love with Huipil. The colors are so deliciously vibrant and it connects me to my country, Guatemala. I’d live in this if it were mine!”


New Leaf Home VA – Midcentury Modern Plant Stand

“This planter would be perfect for my FLF (what the cool people say within plant communities for Fiddle Leaf Fig, hehe). I’ve got a new adopted pup and things need to be up higher these days! Plus.. so much love for Mid-Century Modern <3”



Chicago Fair Trade- Halsted Street Coffee

“Hot beverages are one of my great passions in life and this can be made into a very good one while supporting a worthy organization.”

Thirty One Bits- Petrified Book Ends

“Don’t know why but looking at wood grain speaks to my soul in a way I don’t totally understand, though I think it’s a good thing. I can put books in between these too which helps me stay organized.”



Fat and The Moon – All Salve

“My skin is super sensitive, especially come winter time in Chicago, which is why I’m so eager for Fat and the Moon’s All Salve. It’s made from all natural ingredients like Calendula, St. John’s Wort, and Comfrey. They’re packed with healing and regenerative properties, so it’s great for wind chapped hands, scrapes — even as lip balm. Fat and the Moon is run by the excellent Rachel Budde (from a long line of herbalists), out of her backyard in California. All their products are stellar, really, whether you’re looking for some natural adornment or healing.”


Hey Simone – Jungle Ladies

“Simone Martin-Newberry is a designer at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music and also an incredibly talented artist who produces striking prints. Martin-Newberry takes inspiration from her mother’s backyard garden, and the blue, orange, and green tones are so warm and appealing (plus they’re very affordable)! My favorites are ‘Jungle Ladies’ and ‘Sun in Her Eyes’.”