• Katie Gavenda
  • 16 Dec, 2013

Yup, time for me. I originally hadn’t planned on doing a wish list, but after sorting through everyone else’s I realized there are things! And I should point them out on the off-chance you, dear reader, knows someone who might also like these things.

So here goes:

I AM. Maya Yoga bag – Guess what’s on the New Year’s Resolution list? Yoga. Guess who doesn’t have a cute bag to carry around a mat needed to do said yoga? Me.

Mammu Black Square Silk Scarf – I like scarves, and I LOVE doodles. Win-win.

Onward, Illinois! print from The Bird Machine – My walls need to be covered with posters, I have a mild obsession with the Bird Machine, and the colors in this print are magical.

Undies from Two Rags! They stay out of most gift guides, and I’m not sure why. We all wear ’em… right? But Two Rags is great because they give something we often take for granted (feminine hygiene and access to safe sanitary products) to women in need.

Painter’s Drop Cloth Carryall (Limited Edition) from Forestbound- I’m not a picky bag person, but ohhh my goodness. I would jump in front of a bullet for this thing (Unreasonable? Sure, but I’d still have to save money and pony up the $275 before that would ever happen. Read: I will never own this bag.). It’s made from the old drop cloth of a painter in New Hampshire, and aauuugh I will never own it but lookit how PRETTY.

A knit beanie from SourpussKnits. This is Chicago and winter has just slapped us all in the face.

And last but very very not least, this Sterling Silver Clock Face Necklace from RESOUL’d Designs. Definitely a conversation starter (and Kathryn is the most genuine person you will ever meet. Even digitally.).

The best part of wish lists is that even as an uuberthrifty (cheap?) person like myself, you can include items that are much higher prices than you’d normally be able to pay. A girl can dream, right?

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