The days are getting a bit warmer, the sun is sticking around longer than it used to, and… what? Are those leaves on the trees?! Spring is here. Barefoot season has arrived. Painted toe nail season. Lemonade season. DRESS season.

And with dress season comes all of the other events: graduations, weddings, vacations, summer holidays, and the long weekends that go along with them all. The go-to dress? Usually one that’s preceded by the phrase “Little Black.”

So we’d like to present you with our versions of the Little Black Dress.

One that has cap sleeves. And is comfortable.

One that has a fun print.

Or one that shows off some shoulder.

The Little Black Dress doesn’t have to be made out of fancy material– soft cotton should do it. It doesn’t need to be solid black– after all, prints are in! It should be comfortable with the ability to be dressed up or down, and should without a doubt be made by people who are paid fair wages and are encouraged to further their skills and education at their place of work.

And there you have our LBDs – let dress season begin! You can shop all these looks in our New Arrivals section.