• Jonit Mata
  • 06 Sep, 2010

shorts featured in the latest issue of Indian Vogue

My second day here at the cooperative in Mumbai were were eating lunch with some of the ladies and the topic of shorts came up.  You see, shorts are the new hot fashion item here.  All the ladies had a pair.  But India is quite a modest country, and showing too much skin is taboo.  Shorts are too revealing to wear in public, except in the upscale districts of Mumbai where the rich and famous reside.  So while all the ladies had a new pair of shorts, they all admitted to only wearing them in their own homes.  They never actually wear them out of the house.

That same day I encountered another example of modesty here.  The mannequin in the red dress (pictured above) was being changed into a new outfit to be photographed, and I noticed that she was wearing underwear and a tube top.  That’s right, they don’t let the mannequin be seen naked…that would be improper.  I immediately thought, great blog post, and later, when no one was looking, I unbuttoned her dress and took the picture below.  Pretty scandalous of me.

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