Mata intern, Alex, has scoped out the aromatherapy trend.  Might be a fun idea for Valentine’s Day…


Aromatherapy seems to be all the rage these days with celebrities, yogis, therapists and now me!  I’ve just recently gotten into aromatherapy, and I love the results.  I’m finding that I can rely on the scents to uplift my mood if I’m feeling down, or calm my stomach if it’s feeling a bit funny – even to alleviate headaches.  I haven’t had to use prescribed medicine for a lot of things since I’ve started using essential oils; both saving me money and boosting my inner (and outer) energy!  I always carry a few small bottles with me, and when I need a lift, the scent of grapefruit, lavender, or bergamot will do the trick.

A few questions you may have before getting started:

What brands should I buy?
What scents are best?
How much does aromatherapy cost?

The brands I recommend: Edens Garden simply because it’s reasonably priced, 100% pure essential oil and their scents smell good!


This is my exact set! My favorite scent is grapefruit. You can buy it on amazon for $39.90

Pharmaca is another brand I love. I’m mostly a fan of their blends; my favorite is Perfect Harmony, promoting both balance and comfort. A perfect pick-me-up if you’re feeling down.

$5.99 and up on


Last, but not least, is Aura Cacia. This brand is very versatile; they have beautiful blends as well as plain ol’ scents. I like the balsam fir needle essential oil because it eases the mind in addition to skin healing.  Also, if you’re looking for a luxurious Valentine’s Gift, I recommend Aura Cacia’s Love Potion.

$5 and up on various websites, including, Whole Foods and Amazon

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