If you’re imagining Nepal, you’ve probably got scenes of towering Himalayan peaks in your head.

Or, maybe you’re recalling the sights of Kathmandu that you read about on our blog: What to do in Kathmandu?

What you might not know is that Kathmandu has a vibrant culture of street art with murals adorning the city’s walls almost everywhere you look. Last time I was visiting our partner cooperative there, I made a point to get a few shots to share.

This one with the leaping sheep is my personal favorite, not just because I’m a sucker for anything soft and furry, but also because we pass that wall every day on our way to the co-op from our guesthouse–I get a little sentimental when I think about that sheep!

Pretty cool, huh? And, yes, that is Steve Jobs on a wall in Kathmandu. If anyone can figure out who the person is above him, let me know in the comments.

Which one is your favorite? I also love the last mural a lot, the colorful one with a man holding a gift box. It must be some kind of statement on violence and/or reckless driving, but what I immediately recognized is that the man is wearing the typical Nepali men’s hat. I thought I’d show you an example of that kind of hat in action… with one more bonus photo of those lovely Himalayan peaks–enjoy!