If you’ve fished around our site at all lately, you’ve noticed – we have a new look! Our old website had been up since 2007 so we were well overdue for an upgrade. Imagine our delight when we found just the person for the job – Jess from June Letters Studio. Her designs are clean and refreshing, and her hand lettering is to die for. We knew in an instant that she was the perfect person to handle the new Mata look moving forward.

Starting with a mood board, we had many discussions with Jess about the overall vibe we were aiming for. With the exception of our products, we hadn’t focused this thoroughly on the aesthetic side of our brand for a while, so the process was a great way to make sure we were steering Mata in the right direction.

The result?

A logo that’s fun and unique with a brand behind it that’s a lean, mean, women’s empowerment machine.


A clear cut list of reasons why your purchase makes a difference.


A lovely combination of artisan imagery and our favorite handwritten phrases.


A better idea of what we stand for as a company.


Plus, we have a brand spanking new website! Thanks to Jess’s expertise in e-commerce, we’ve made our site a bit easier to navigate. Quick links to your favorites, Dresses and Jewelry, are right at the top, and now our site caters to the indecisive – Shop All! That’s right, dig through whatever we’ve got for sale and see if anything jumps out at you. Our new site is also mobile-friendly!


Learn more about our Handmade Techniques:


Read about our journey starting the company:


It’s also easier to learn more about what Mata Traders is about. Meet the friendly faces behind the company:


And be sure to check out our Print Gallery. Download a print to use as your desktop or phone wallpaper!


All this, and more! We couldn’t be more excited about the new look of Mata Traders.

See your favorite fair trade fashion brand, in a whole new light – check out the new website!