Our Skirt is Famous!

Our Skirt is Famous!

           the Star of the Show!

Well, maybe not THAT famous, but we are so proud of our little Arbor skirt for making it on a TV show!  She was just a little fair trade skirt, and now she’s hit the big time.  It was only by chance that we found out our skirt is a star. Our designer Kristin spotted it when she just happened to be watching her guilty pleasure, the show Pretty Little Liars.  She was amazed to discover that our Arbor skirt from Winter 2010 is featured on one of the actresses!

SPOILER ALERT:  The video is not online anymore, so I’m going to walk you through the scene…

In this first frame you see Spencer Hastings walking into the school cafeteria wearing the Mata Traders Arbor skirt in blue.  If you think she looks upset, you’re right.  She is.  The cops came by her house this morning and took a bunch of her stuff for an investigation they are carrying out.

Let’s get a closer look at the skirt.

I think her styling is cute.  She’s wearing the skirt pretty high up, over her natural waist, with a red belt.  With the striped shirt and admiral-style hat, she’s got a little bit of a sailor look going on.

As she sits down with her friends, we get a nice side view of the skirt and a peek at the pretty bird applique.  The applique is all hand-stitched by women in their own homes.  This allows them to have a source of income while still being able to look after their children and take care of their housework.  Most of them live in semi-remote villages in India where there are few viable ways to earn a living, so being a part of the women’s cooperative has a huge impact on their lives.

Our little Arbor skirt really is getting a lot of screen time.  Next is an under-the-table shot of the skirt as Spencer drops her backpack by her chair and begins to relay the morning’s ordeal.

You see, the police suspect the girls of foul play in the death of their best friend and former clique leader Alison.  These girls have a lot of secrets, and while killing Alison may not be one of them, an anonymous blackmailer who goes by “A” has been tormenting them by text and threatening to reveal their secrets.

Suddenly Spencer gets a text…

…from her mom.

As the girls leave the cafeteria, we see one more shot of the Arbor skirt, paired with boots and knee-high socks.  2.95 million viewers watched this episode the night it aired, so way to go Arbor skirt!!!