While many of our wish lists have some wants (“needs,” really) from other amazing ethical companies, most of us started by looking right in our own backyard – on the Mata shelves! We have lots of favorites. Lots. We just picked a few that would make great gifts:

1. Navy Hand Screened Infinity scarf –“Dala horses on an infinity scarf? Yes please! Andersonville is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago, so any Swedish reference is near and dear to my heart. I love how the pattern can also look abstract depending on how it’s worn.” – Laura

A gift for a dweller of any climate, a scarf is the best way to accent an outfit and add an easy layer. Cover it in this quirky print and voila! A gift with a little personality.

2. Et Cetera cuff gold  “Classic enough for my mom, but quirky enough for a friend. Plus it dresses up a bummy outfit pretty easily.” – Katie

A cuff that’s as versatile as they come – take it for a night out on the town or let it simply upgrade a basic outfit.

3. Boho Back-Wrap Dress  “It’s like wearing fancy pajamas around all day — you look gorgeous but it’s so soft and warm.” – Emily G.

It’s organic cotton jersey, so there’s plenty of flexibility (will probably fit even if you aren’t 100% sure on what size to give). In a holiday-neutral color, you can wear it all year round! A lot of fans of this dress have been wearing it backwards, too – swing the V around to the front and you’ve got an evening dress that’s a little more playful.

4. Curated Color Necklace red – “It is busy enough to wear on its own, or you can layer it up!” – Lilly

A bright necklace makes for a bold present, but the wood keeps it subtle. Whether your giftee is down-to-earth or fine and fancy, this neckpiece is a work of art appreciated by anyone.

5. Tide and Moon necklace gray  “Neutral, but not. I NEVER fail to get compliments  when I wear it, and it works with everyone’s skin tones.” – Maria

So much more than a simple necklace, this layered piece lets the gray sing and gold *bling*.

6. Helios studs  “A reminder that we will have sunshine again someday.” – Emily

Because it’s really, REALLY easy to forget sometimes.