This is the story of what happens when 2 people have babies.  Well, specifically, when those 2 people are my best friends, and they get a fair trade fashion business up and running, and through that business they design clothing made of original handmade block-printed and screen-printed cotton fabric.  And then I join the company, only for those 2 best friends to turn around and have babies at the same time.  It’s soooo awesome for best friends to have babies at the same time, but for business partners, it poses some challenges.

But, like the proud aunt that I am, I’m takin’ it in stride!  Of course, what else could I do after seeing these little faces (and toes)?

Louisa Camille, age 10 weeks and Nevin Michael, age 3 weeks

Michelle, Maureen, and I met in college back in good old 1995.  We also went to school with Jill Liebhaber, owner of jookie, a portrait boutique.  When I heard she offered to shoot the 2 new babies and told us to bring in props, I thought, “Let’s put those babies to work!”  Couldn’t help capitalizing on adorable faces to sell those original handmade fabrics I mentioned earlier.

Here’s Louisa happily promoting 3 prints found in our Spring ’13 collection.  You can find these beautiful handmade prints on our Pleated Petal top, Jin Ju Ruffle dress, and Obi Crescent dress:

Next we have little tiny Nevin showing off the selling abilities he inherited from his mama.  It’s the same print as the Obi Crescent dress above, just in black and white.

If you love the black and white version, you can find it on the Shibuya Street dress.  FYI, Shibuya is a busy shopping district in Tokyo known for its new and daring fashion.

As the proud aunty is apt to do, I took a bunch of video at the shoot.  This clip is from when we finally got the 2 babies in a shot together.  Louisa was ever the little lady, wide-eyed and good-natured.  Nevin, on the other hand, was gettin’ a little tired of all the hoopla and felt the need to scream whenever we pulled his pacifier.  Jill only had a few seconds to shoot before the crying started.


Parting shots: