Slow Living: 5 Things We're Reading, Watching, and Listening To

and yet by kate baer, a book we're reading during a year of slow living

Psst! It's 2023! Did that come out of nowhere or what?

It still feels 2020 was just yesterday, and so many things were shifted in so many directions. Anyone else still trying to figure out why it doesn't feel fully 'back to normal' yet? 

We don't buy into the need to make changes at the start of every year, or require a calendar to flip in order to initiate any improvements in life, but the dawn of 2023 did bring with it some stark realizations that we (a universal "we") are all constantly recovering from something. Mental health demands to be a priority in our daily lives, and we decided to put ourselves first and live a little "slower" this year. 

Our Slow Living Year: What We're Reading, Watching, and Listening To.

Slow living means setting intentions but allowing forgiveness. Being efficient but allotting time for recovery. Quality time with others but especially ourselves. It is a steady, consistent, and balanced connection with yourself and your well-being, and the best part is that it can really mean different things to each individual person. 

We've started 2023 by stepping back from the hustle and bustle a bit, and enjoying some content that give us a few tools for the year ahead, some new pieces of knowledge and a little joy in the here and now. We wanted to share them with you! And, full disclaimer: it's only 9 days into the year, so we've only just started some of these.

1. Book: The Fabric of Civilization - How Textiles Made the World

Alphabets, bookkeeping, banks, and binary code: what do they all have in common? They have textiles to thank for their distribution and adoption. An often overlooked piece of the consumer side of the fashion industry, textiles and their production and design have been a driving force in commerce, creativity, economics, culture, and technology for centuries. The facts contained in this book never stop coming, comprising a fascinating look at an industry quite near and dear to our hearts. 


2. Ted Talk: 7 Types of Rest

Physician and award-winning author Saundra Dalton-Smith provides thoughtful insight into the benefits of tailoring your rest to the type of burnout or overstimulation you're experiencing. Sleep is not a cure-all for what she explains are our seven types of rest deficits. From sensory rest to creative rest, this TED Talk provides useful solutions for our chronic societal need for rest and recovery.

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3. Videos: Voceux

An eerie but fascinating template across all of Voceux's videos is the removal of instrumental sounds and some backup singers from famous songs, stripping the vocals bare and exposing the beauty of the voice. It's as much fun to find your favorite tunes as it is to discover a new version of a song that maybe hadn't previously topped your list. Also: soundless band members jamming out. So funny. 

Their Instagram account

4. Book: And Yet by Kate Baer

New mother and creatively thoughtful writer Kate Baer brings a familiar yet fresh voice to this modern collection of poetry. Her words speak volumes about the outward and inward role of a young woman in her own life and society today, while offering a personal peek into the delicate life stage of early motherhood. Fans may recognize her name from brilliant poetry pieces on Instagram, pulling a poignant phrase out of the digital noise that bombards her daily life. (click right on the below)


Her newest book, And Yet

5. Podcast: Articles of Interest - American Ivy 

Even if Ivy style isn't of any interest to you, this thorough dive into the evolution and global spread of trends is a wild ride. Journey through midcentury Japan, the dawn of youth culture, and of course prestigious ivy league campuses while host Avery Trufelman discusses one of the first major trends to hit the globe and the changing landscape of "fashion" seen from many different eyes. 

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