Spring ’14 Sneak Peek

Spring ’14 Sneak Peek

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already over the cold! Ever since our Spring 2014 catalog shoot back in October I couldn’t wait to show you a little sneak peek of the collection.  I’m already daydreaming of warmer weather.

This is Hannah, a spirited lady who works at the Poetry Foundation and is a poet herself (she did go to school to study poetry after all). Interested in what she writes? It’s actually really f’ing good. The teal circle skirt she’s wearing is one of my favorite pieces of the collection – can’t you just picture yourself strolling along with an ice-cream in hand? (Don’t forget, this is spring/summer that we’re imagining.)

This is me – kinda crazy cuz I was originally styling the shoot, but ended up modeling, too. Part of my role as the stylist was to gather the props, like that cute suitcase. Travel was a big part of our inspiration for this collection, and this dress is called When in Roam. 

This is Miss Amber, food writer and model extraordinaire. She eats somewhere new almost everyday and gets to write about it – jealous! I picture her wearing this dress to one of those hip, new restaurants, or even cruising through Times Square, peeking her head out of the skylight of a limo and sipping champagne (that’s a model’s life, right?).

The Rain or Shine dress is one of those dresses you just have to have — because it has umbrellas on it! I happen to love spring because of the rain. The smell, the humidity, the slight warmth and cool air – priceless. Being bold is a Mata signature, so in this specific look I wanted to mix prints. Who knew snake print shoes and an umbrella print would look so good!?

I know, I need to stop. This collection won’t be available until mid-March in stores (April on our site), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get excited, right? This dress may look a little familiar; it’s the same cut as the Jin Ju Ruffle dress (one of our Spring ’13 bestsellers, so we brought it back!). There’s also a yellow version in this same print…hello summertime BBQ’s!

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek. Try to survive the rest of this cooooooold weather, and stay tuned for our spring collection coming soon!