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The Fair Wear Formula

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an international verification initiative dedicated to enhancing workers’ lives all over the world.  They work closely with a growing number of companies that produce clothing and other sewn products and that take responsibility for their supply chain.  Through sharing expertise, social dialogue, and strengthening industrial relations, FWF increases the effectiveness of companies to improve labor conditions in the garment industry.


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Mix and Match Tibetan Fashion
I just ended a week in Kathmandu working with our new fair trade partners on Spring 2011 designs.  I got so inspired by the colorful Nepali street fashion!  It's a total parade of mix and match prints for the ladies, many of which are Tibetan, and the men wear the cutest traditional hats in hand-woven prints...Nepal is colorful in a different way than India and it is definitely influencing my design process.
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As Karma would have it...
I’ve never done one of these group e-mails before, but I think now is as appropriate a time as any.  I hope you all are well and enjoying the Christmas season.  As I sit here in the swelter of a city called Trichy, I can’t quite fathom a snowflake falling.  Joni, Michelle, and I have been in India for 9 days now, and are exploring the southern state of Tamil Nadu.  We are slowly adjusting to the myriad of cultural and social differences.  Everyday I learn something new, but to be honest, I’ve got a lot of questions that still need answering.  I guess it’s like a huge puzzle.  All the pieces are in front of me, and yet I’ve got no idea how they fit together, or what they will look like in the end.
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