About 1 in 8 people in the world lives in a slum.  By mid-century, with the population at more than 9 billion, the ratio would be 1 in 3, assuming poverty and migration to cities continue at their current rates.  (Source: LA Times)

Nearly 1 billion people today are chronically hungry, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, and at least 8 million die every year of hunger-related illnesses.

You’re in Chicago.  What can you do to help end global poverty and hunger? That’s where Chicago Oxfam Action Corps comes in.  (If you’re not in Chicago, find the Oxfam Action Corps near you!)

What does the Action Corps do?  It mobilizes public support for policies that end hunger, poverty, and social injustice.

Volunteers with the Oxfam Action Corps work on campaigns to improve national legislation and deepen local community resources for fighting poverty and injustice.

When you volunteer with the Oxfam Action Corps, you might attend a house party or collect signatures at a concert.  You could join a delegation to a lawmaker’s local office, participate in a petition drive, or plan an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet.  Anyone is welcome to volunteer, regardless of age or experience level—all you need is a willingness to make a difference.

Here in Chicago you can join in on Oxfam’s current GROW campaign for food justice which aims to change the imbalance of resources that leads to 1 in 7 people going to bed hungry every night.  Our government and U.S. companies are responsible for policies and practices that control the global food system, determining who eats and who doesn’t.  We have a responsibility to hold them accountable.

Next steps:

  • Sign up to volunteer at the Cold Play concert:  Tuesday, August 7 and Wed, August 8, 7pm at the United Center
  • Start with something as simple as signing an Oxfam petition and you’re already taking action.
  • Attend a meeting; Chicago Oxfam Action Corps meets on the Third Thursday of each month, usually in the Loop.  Email chicago.oxfamactioncorps@gmail.com for more information.