• Jonit Bookheim
  • 01 Sep, 2010

I’ve had 3 full days now back in India (last time I was here it was 2004) and the main thing to report is that it is rainy.  It’s monsoon season which means that it rains almost all the time and when it seems like the rain has let up and you go outside, it’s actually still raining, only a bit lighter.

Maureen discussing new designs with Hettal, one of the co-op's designers

Maureen and I have been visiting the women’s cooperative here everyday, working on pieces for Spring/Summer 2011.  We’ve got some great styles of dresses, jackets, skirts, and tops.  We ordered some new custom block print fabrics, but so far only one set has arrived to the co-op.  The delay is caused by the rainy weather, as the fabrics need the sun to dry. Meanwhile, we are trying on each of the new styles to perfect the fit and make any alterations.  Can’t wait until the new fabrics come in to see what they’re really going to look like!!

Michelle arrives tonight, so we are pretty excited.  Once she gets here we can fit for smalls (Maureen is a medium and I’m an extra-small).  Not to mention that she has a great eye for style and will be a huge help in getting these samples ready for production.

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