It’s spring! We’ve all been working a lot! Time for a vacation.

I took a week off and jetted to Norway and the Netherlands, overly excited to bring some pieces from our new collection to explore unfamiliar cities and towns in style.

First up was the Study Abroad skirt in mint. It’s pretty feminine and twirly, so I kept it simple with a black shirt and leggings. Travel-wear is tricky because it needs to pack small AND be comfortable for a full day of walking, museums, dinner, what have you. This outfit covered all the bases.

The Opera House in Oslo, Norway.
Downtown Oslo, Norway.

It turns out I do a lot of similar things with vacation dresses, because a simple rule to follow when you’ll be dealing with ever-changing weather: wear layers. I had black pants and wore them under the Cape Cod dress in black and white when we went to Bergen. The dress was comfortable for the entire 6.5-hour train ride from Oslo to Bergen, and then looked great galavanting around the city for the rest of the day.

The wharf in Bergen, Norway

It was windy, but the Cape Cod dress (and Crown Point necklace, a favorite) is an easy wear. Though I had plenty of pockets in my coat, it got warmer later in the day, the coat was removed, and I just kept my phone and wallet in the dress’s POCKETS. Major bonus.

After several days in Norway, we flew to Amsterdam, where I whipped out the Study Abroad skirt again, and threw on some layers and a Malabar necklace. I hadn’t considered wearing a baggier top above this skirt as the shape gets a bit lost, but with a slightly cool temperature and an amazingly soft sweater, I had to.


The best part is, I traveled with buddies– the Good Luck studs came along for the ride! They had a great time at the Viking Museum, on a train in Norway, and enjoyed the fresh air pit stop at the Opera House in Oslo. They don’t speak much, but I know they enjoyed themselves – once I returned home I realized one of them actually stayed there (whoops!).

The trip brought some much-needed adventures exploring new lifestyles and cities – just the inspiration I was looking for!

Are you bringing Mata on any trips? We want to see your photos!