• Katie Gavenda
  • 29 Jan, 2015

It’s good news! It’s GREAT news, in fact.

If you’ve worn our clothing, you know we work with 100% woven cotton. We keep it simple and flattering, and we’ve worked with certain types of silhouettes for years that work with our fabrics. We love it and you love it, but we wanted to expand our options a little bit.

So, it’s time to get excited. Because this spring, we have three words for you:

Organic. Cotton. JERSEY.

Sustainably grown organic cotton jersey is the newest addition to our fabric repertoire.

Soft? Yes. Stretchy? You bet.

Don’t expect typical earth-toned jersey here. We’ve taken our unique prints and put them on a new canvas (with 5% Lycra for a better fit).

See what’s new when the Spring Collection launches in April!

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