• Jonit Bookheim
  • 01 Dec, 2014

Last year I found out about Dressember too late. It was already the end of December, just a few more days to go for the hundreds of women raising money for the International Justice Mission by wearing a dress every day for a month. I thought to myself: that sounds like a lot of fun, for a great cause, and I want to do it next year. So here I am, December 1st, embarking on my Dressember journey.

Day 1 of Dressember: I’m wearing the Runs in Rows dress in front of my messy desk.
Please note my DIY dry erase calendar.

Besides raising money for the International Justice Mission, an organization that rescues people from slavery, I’m most excited about proving that you can wear Mata dresses through a Chicago winter – it’s all about the layering! Stay tuned for more Dressember updates to come, and if you’re feeling generous today, please support my Dressember fundraising page. I pledged to raise $400, although I’d really love to raise 10 times that amount, because that’s how much it costs to fund a rescue operation. Give what you can – every little bit will help!

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