First things first–this post is meant to be forwarded. Send to your friends, your boyfriend, your husband, your girlfriend, your wife, your galentines, or whoever might be looking to get you something special for the big day.

So, what to get for a lady who cares about the world? We have some suggestions.

Riotbar 85% Dark Chocolate – What fair-trade-loving lady doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Organic chocolate from cooperatives in Peru is the way to go.

One World Flowers – Make sure that bouquet is coming from a company that understands the importance of treating workers well (and even donates some proceeds to relief funds).

Mata Traders jewelry – The Tribal Beats necklace fits anyone’s style and can be the everyday necklace a girl is looking for.

Know a girl with an edge? Our purple Common Thread earrings have some flash and a touch of femininity.

What do these three companies have in common? Besides being fair trade brands, they’re all part of Fair Trade Campaigns’ Share the Love campaign this year. Share the Love is an opportunity for people to acknowledge the talented, hard-working people that had a part in making these products, and thank them.

This Valentine’s Day, what better way to thank them than to send valentines? Share the Love is asking you to make valentines that will be sent to the artisans that work with Riotbar, One World Flowers, and us! Mata Traders is honored to be one of the partner companies this year, and we can’t begin to tell you how excited we are that we get to step into the co-ops next month with a bag full of love from our friends, fans, and customers.

Find out how to send a valentine (and get some pretty awesome discount codes for all three companies) here.