Have time on your hands and need some new digs? In search of a few hours of meaningful job-doing and could use a fresh pair of earrings? Well you’re in luck!

We’re looking for volunteers!

We have a great team here, and since we pride ourselves on getting orders out on time and making sure our products are as good as can be, sometimes the workload overflows. And we love, love, love and appreciate anyone who can lend an extra hand to assure we get everything done.

The Work:

1) Manning a Mata Traders booth at a festival, usually on a weekend. Could mean assisting customers or setup and/or breakdown of the booth.
2) Helping our operations team receive inventory. Unpacking, counting, shelving, etc.
3) Support Mata’s quality standards by checking newly-received merchandise for imperfections or variations.
4) Anything else that comes up that we might need a few volunteers for. We’ll let you know.

The Perk(s):

1) For every hour you work, you get a credit towards the retail price of our jewelry and apparel.
2) You get a sneak peek at pieces from the next collection, and (modesty aside) we’re a pretty fun group.

Tell Us You’re Interested:

Fill out this form and you’ll be added to our volunteer list! No obligation, but you’ll hear from us whenever we need some extra help.

If you have a friend or twelve who might be interested, be sure to refer them to this post, or send them a link to the form.