Your Handmade Garment, from Start to Finish

Your Handmade Garment, from Start to Finish

In September, Kristin and I visited the women’s cooperative in Nepal that makes many of our dresses, tops, and pants.  It was so amazing to get to know the women and see the whole process.  I hope these photos and video clips convey that.

First, the women spin the thread.


And the thread is woven on hand looms.




Then, the print is applied by hand using a screen printing technique.

The fabric is hung to dry.

In pairs, the women fold and smooth the fabric into stacks.  A cardboard pattern is outlined in chalk and then cut out.



Once the fabric is cut into the pieces, the garment is stitched together.  Many of the women use pedal powered sewing machines, rather than electric ones, due to frequent power outages.


The garment then goes to finishing and quality control.  In finishing, the women cut excess thread and rub out chalk.  Quality control makes sure the measurements are right and looks for any other problems.


Last, but not least, the garment is ironed, folded, and packaged.


And those are the hands in Mata Traders handmade garments.