Care Instructions


With collections debuting five times a year, our jewelry designers work hard to create styles that are trendy and modern, maintaining the handcrafted, bohemian vibe that is the epitome of Mata Traders. New designs, new materials, new colors – you can count on us to find your new favorite pieces!

After we develop initial sketches for each collection, our artisan partners get to work making the pieces come to life. Production takes place at multiple workshops in India, each specializing in different techniques and different jewelry components: soldering brass, carving bone, stringing beads and more, all handcrafted!

Our metal jewelry is made of a brass base that is electroplated for a finer finish, like gold or silver. Due to the nature of plated jewelry, knowing the proper care and handling can extend its life (and we want you to have our jewelry forever!). We’ve put together some guidelines to make the care of our jewelry simple and easy!


Sweat, water (showering, swimming and handwashing), perfumes/lotions, and cleaning products can cause deterioration or discoloration. Avoid wearing our jewelry anywhere it may get wet, or be exposed to extreme heat or humidity. Also keep in mind that perfumes or lotions can affect the finish of our jewelry.


Store your jewelry somewhere safe and dry, away from direct sunlight – try keeping it in a plastic or cloth bag. Even better? Separating each piece into its own bag to ensure they don’t brush or scratch against each other.


It's always a good idea to clean your jewelry of oils and dirt it has collected throughout the day. A soft cloth or cotton ball will gently rub off oils, dust, and dirt, or try a small amount of brass cleaner if it needs a boost in shine.

We put months into creating this collection and hope you love it as much as we do. Remember to take care of your jewelry, so it lasts for years to come.